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Monday, February 02, 2004
Aarrgghh. I was going to be the man. I was going to ignore the obvious and NOT comment on J@net J@ckson's inadvertent maneuvor during last night's H@lftime. But I just discovered that I had 113 hits yesterday, and I'm fast chugging past that today, because I had Miss J@ckson listed in this post. I've since updated the post to reflect "@" where the "a" should be - much as she should've covered her own @'s with something more appropriate. The only "good" that might come of this will be that M-T-V won't be given that particular production job again. I hope. At least not until the XFL makes a comeback and needs someone to do the pregame stuff every week.

So those google hits blew my numbers off - aarrgghh. They're not real hits, and it ticks me off that I'm skewed (more than normal anyway) by those hits. Hopefully I've corrected the loophole, but probably not.
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