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Sunday, February 08, 2004
CNN.com - Pilot reportedly promoted Christianity on flight - Feb. 8, 2004

Many times, we've been challenged to "witness" in our workplaces. For me, that often takes the form of having a verse on my cubicle wall (Col. 3:23), praying and reading the Bible at my cube, being open to conversation that heads towards spiritual matters (happens quite a bit, actually, but it wouldn't fit into most folks' idea of "witnessing"). I'm not the person who turns every conversation towards the cross, but I pray that I'm open to wherever the Spirit is leading, where He's already working in someone's life as we start talking about what's going on in life.

I think this man has opened a can of worms - and I like it. If he could witness during a missions visit to Costa Rica, why can't he also open his mouth to speak as he pilots people across the country. Would I have done it? I don't know - probably not. But look at it this way - they're still talking about it. Christians on that plane were challenged, convicted, stretched, and might've had spiritual conversations with people really looking for Something More. And non-Christians, as offended as they might've been, had to at least give the thought some credibility: this guy is flying the plane.

I like this real life saga much better than Comfort's parachute metaphor. Here, it's real, you don't have to take the parachute, and you're confronted with what's really important. And asthe plane lands, christians and non-christians have something new and provoking on their minds.
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