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Monday, February 09, 2004
Hear ye, hear ye. Whilst I don't approve of gambling in any form, I feel it is my duty-bound obligation to stand tall for my teams. In the spirit of competition, and in the presence of a worthy opponent, I hereby state the following wager:Keep up with our saga with USC Sports Audio on the web.

Update: Blackout for Men's Basketball vs. Mississippi State :: Fans encouraged to wear all black Wednesday night
Then again, this might not be good. We did this a few years ago for the UFlorida football game. It looked really impressive - everyone dressed in black except for the Gator fans. Problem is, it looked like NOBODY was there except Gator fans. They stood out like sore noisy thumbs, easier for the UF players to point to and play to, etc. It'll either look like "a frenzy of intensity and noise that will give the bulldogs a much needed reality check", or it'll look like a cave.
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