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Wednesday, February 18, 2004
It is such a gorgeous day outside. I've got alot to do here at work, with having such weird weeks the past few for medical and weather-related situations. But for now - you know, I'd like one good time for snow or something, but if it's going to go ahead and turn to spring, I'm all up for that, too. It was wet and cold and nasty this past weekend, and the sunshine and warm breeze is oh so welcome right about now.

Makes me wish I could WiFi this new laptop and work on the grounds outside. Best thing is that my BP is coming down, slowly but steadily so far, and that I'm beginning to feel a little better, too. Sunshine helps in lots of ways.

I did get an upgrade in the laptop department from work. While I'm still taking on the customer responsibilities, the most tedious thing to add to my task list is to find and re-install all the little utilities I've been used to having for my job and such. But it's always fun to get a new machine, 'specially one that's so much faster, thinner/lighter, and more robust than the last one. I just hope I don't end up ripping the screen of the keyboard off this one anytime soon. Like I said: makes me want to crank this puppy up outside and catch some rays while I make the customer happy.

All that to say: I'm enjoying life and looking forward to the last gasps of winter turning into the stretching and awakening of spring... as long as we can postpone the sweatiness and heat of summer as long as possible.
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