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Sunday, February 22, 2004
It's Sunday morning, and I really need to shower and get out of here in about thirty minutes. We're going to have the Cleansing Streams orientation/intro this morning, and I'm praying that there will be more people than I think there will be that will participate. What I mean is - the cost is pretty high, but most people only look at it financially. It costs $$$, but it also costs significantly in a spiritual sense, seeking to get rid of the baggage we've all brought with us into this salvation and kingdom life.

Anyway, the new material looks really good, and I've got to make copies of forms and stuff for that, copies for the LifeTRAINING Bible Study time (still on "Witnessing Without Fear"), and copies of the morning bulletin. Pray that people will want to do this because God is leading and pulling - not because of me or Pastor Mike, or even because of the new material.

UPDATE: Well, I only had one person come specifically for the Cleansing Stream material, and I walked back into the dispersing crowd to hand out a few more info/sign-up sheets. If there's no response, we'll do it in the fall - and I might do it by myself this spring to get a feel for the new stuff.
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