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Thursday, February 19, 2004
Maybe it's time for another political post... naaah.

Seriously, I can't take much more of the campaigning going on in the Democrat camps for John Kerry and John Edwards. They're bashing each other. No, they're bashing Bush. They're very different. No, they're similar but different. They're separate but equal. I don't know. Honestly, I haven't heard much out of any candidate, the incumbent George W. Bush included, that resembles more of a this-is-where-I-stand platform instead of the usual that-guy-is-evil attacks. Picking one politician over another, for me, is like picking one gas station over another for its restrooms - either way, you still don't want to touch anything.

But I will throw this out: I want to become more socio-politicially conscious this year so that I can comment on what's going on, why it bothers me, why I think it's wrong for the evangelical Christian right to hop in the sack with the GOP and why it's wrong for the more social-gospel-oriented liberal Christians to too their lots in with the Democrats in 2004. My thought is not For Whom Would Jesus Vote? - but instead, Would Jesus Vote, and What Difference Would It Make?

I don't know that Jesus would vote. I don't think it would've been on His list of priorities the first Tuesday of November. If He did vote, however, I don't think He'd fit the pollsters profiles. Jesus didn't mind paying taxes - so He might've skewed Democrat, trying to balance the budget and still help the little people with entitlement subsidies. He probably would've tried to see how taxes could be cut, though, to relieve the burden of the government (a la flinging the money collectors out of the temple), so He might've sided more Republican. We don't know, and therefore I have a tough time putting a more Christian-ized slant on the proceedings.

That's why it's funny to hear this side say it's unbiased, when it's phrasing and questioning are so one-sided; and to hear "the other side" say the same thing, that they're fair and show no favoritism, when the candidates reports are skewed to match someone's agenda somewhere.

All that to say: If I vote, it'll be because someone has impressed me; because a person has made me want him/her in a position of authority and responsibility - not just to make sure the other guy, who's so obviously loony, won't get the office.
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