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Saturday, February 14, 2004
Oh it's Saturday, it's Saturday - ha-na-nonnie and a ha-cha-cha.

And it's Valentine's Day. Heart Day. How appropriate.

It's been a weird & freaky week this past week. I took Tuesday off to drive my brother to Hickory, NC, to retrieve his car from the shop. Then Thursday morning we find out that my blood pressure is through the roof, and I end up going back on meds and taking off most of Thursday and all day Friday. Whew. I'm not tired - I've been sleeping most of the time at home. And graciously, my BP is down this morning to a point below where I'd have to check in with a weekend clinic or emergency room.

I'll be back at the doctor's office Monday morning for blood work, checking out everything to make sure there's no damage from however long it's been elevated. There's history of hypertension in my family, and I'll have to be more careful to take care of myself.

I'm more concerned about my wife right now. She's strong and very supportive, but it didn't hit her how bad this might be until she went to church Thursday evening. I was supposed to have taught during the evening service, but I didn't feel well and I got Pastor Carlos to fill in for me on that. Everyone at church found out, and came up to tell her "we're praying for you" and "it'll be alright". I mean, everyone. She was fine until that, I think, but you get enough people telling you "it'll be alright" and you begin to wonder if it'll be alright. She's concerned, and I hate to be doing this to her. I could've avoided this if I stayed on the medication since the first time around.

It's a rainy day in SC, so we're going to take it easy again. I'm up way too early, and both kids are already up, too. So we'll let Mommy sleep a little before taking her a Valentine's breakfast.
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