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Friday, February 27, 2004

Roger Ebert's review - thumbs up.


Sidebar - This is a quote from the end of Ebert's review: "Note: I said the film is the most violent I have ever seen. It will probably be the most violent you have ever seen. This is not a criticism but an observation; the film is unsuitable for younger viewers, but works powerfully for those who can endure it. The MPAA's R rating is definitive proof that the organization either will never give the NC-17 rating for violence alone, or was intimidated by the subject matter. If it had been anyone other than Jesus up on that cross, I have a feeling that NC-17 would have been automatic."

This is not the first time I've heard a critic say that the movie probably woulda coulda shoulda received an NC-17 rating for the violence. I've been having dialogue with a few people over how the level of violence in this movie is very high, but shouldn't take away from the story itself. I've read various blog posts about how it didn't phase some people, and how it ripped the hearts of others. Both reactions are valid, and again, should not detract from the strength or impact of this story as filmed.
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