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Monday, February 16, 2004
There have been a couple of articles online trying to shed some light on the blogging phenomona, in particular "christian blogs". One was published this weekend at AnglicansOnline, and another is a couple of weeks old at Christianity Today: "A Theoblogical Revolution" and a more recent followup, "Revenge of the Bloggers".

The articles tend to miss what I like most about "christian blogs" - that we right about life because that's where Christ impacts the most. It's not about getting hits or being a preacher online. I mean, for some folks it is, and if they're good writers they'll usually keep my attention. But I like to share the story of my life and the stories of the lives of others. That's what's interesting - how is God showing up as you go to the movies, or the grocery store, or clean your kids nasty diapers? That's real life, and more often than not it's real christianity, too.

Just my $.02.
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