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Thursday, February 12, 2004
Well, maybe it was high because of last night's game. Or dealing with the kids this morning. Or my shoes were too tight. But my BP's gotten too high again. Went to the doctor for a consultation on something else, and ended up getting a new prescription for hypertension. Woo hoo.

Blood runs in my family, and high blood pressure does, too. I don't go to the doctor that frequently - most of the time when I'm sick, it's body aches and flu symptoms and I just take a day or two off and it's fine with over-the-counter cold stuff. When I had developed headaches years ago, I'd been diagnosed with hypertension - and I was good about taking my meds for about a year or so. I felt good, and my weight had gone down some, so I stopped taking them. I'm smarter than the doctor, right? Well, last year when I went in for a sinus infection, my BP was normal, even if it was at the high end. With doctor approval, I was officially off the medication.

Not any more. I'm not emergency high, just urgently high. So I've got a new prescription and we'll see what happens. Actually, life happens all the time, and I'm just having to pay a little more attention thee days.
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