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Tuesday, February 10, 2004
We've got an F5 knockoff on our email list, and since I've been away and not really blogged today, I'll toss it in here, too - the Tuesday Three for 02/10:

1) What is your favorite "love song"?
  • "I Will Be Here" - Stephen Curtis Chapman
  • "Whenever I Say Your Name" - Sting

    2) What is your favorite "chick flick"?
  • REAR WINDOW - okay, it's really more of a suspense/thriller, but it's got Grace Kelly in it, so it's a chick flick in my book

    3) What is your favorite "date night" destination/itinerary?
  • dinner at a place where you don't have to order standing up, a movie, a late-night stop at Barnes & Noble, and kids in bed by the time we return

    Feel free to comment and leave your answers here or let us know it's on your own site.
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