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Wednesday, March 17, 2004
Blog Evangelism.

I've told various people about blogging, but by and large it's just not that big of a deal to alot of folks around here. Most of the people at my church are 'net literate, but they're also not that interested in surfing around and reading stuff. So our Javabeans blog doesn't get the traffic I'd like, doesn't have the participation from our panel of writers that I'd like, etc.

I know of only two other people who've actually started blogs "because of me", and of those two, only one blog really gets any attention. That's my brother's blog, and he seems to be into enough right now. He broke his ankle a few weeks ago, so he's got alot of recliner time where he can sit with his laptop and type for posterity. I'm hoping that when he gets mobile again, that blogging will be enough a part of his day that he won't drop it entirely from the schedule. He's writing for himself, for his youth group, asking for comments and looking for a conversation - things like that make blogging worthwhile.

For blogs to be as big as they seem to be in the internet culture that's still emerging, I'm just finding that it's only really a big deal for people who are already into it. That's why such a tiny percentage of folks have one - as many as there are, the number of blogs and bloggers is still incredibly small. Not that that's a bad thing, since most people can't write. And who wants to read stuff from people with nothing to say?

... much like this post, for example.
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