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Monday, March 01, 2004
CNN.com - A perfect, golden 'Rings'

LOTR:ROTK swept last night's Oscar Awards - well-deserved, and probably an acknowledgement of all three movies in the series. Overall, I thought it was a decent show this year. Billy Crystal was funny, and the glamour was more class than crass. Now if we can just do something to get Joan Rivers off the street for that one night....

What made the LOTR trilogy a masterwork? I think it's because they stayed true to the story, letting the tale-to-be-told drive the special effects and action, not vice versa. A good story can take alot of the burden off the movie, and this one has had the added feature of being well-read and well-understood for a couple of generations. When action and effects take over the plotline, you're left with a documentary on action and effects. When that happens, maybe there wasn't enough story to continue on in the first place (e.g., the 2nd and 3rd MATRIX films).
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