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Tuesday, March 09, 2004
CNN.com - Teacher suspended for showing 'Passion' clips - Mar 8, 2004

Read the article first. Then ask the questions.

While it might look like a man was unjustly condemned for showing portions of a "religious film" to students - at first, like cutting out parts of the Pledge of Allegiance, or removing the 10 Commandments in Alabama, something that might be protected under a freedom of speech kind of defense - there are still a couple of things wrong.Those are just the questions I come up with, mostly in response as a parent. Yes, it could be a part of a broader social studies discussion - but this was the wrong film to preview, even if there were no violent scenes shown (which means that only "teaching" and flashback scenes were shown, which is a whole 'nother religious bugaboo).

I can defend his right to show even the teaching scenes to students. But not this particular film to minors, and not this possibly illegal copy of a currently released blockbuster. Ethically, you're teaching truth while lying, teaching them to honor mom and dad while you dishonor their parents. Doesn't work for me.
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