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Tuesday, March 30, 2004
Crosswalk.com: A.I.D.S. - America In Deep Sin
Dr. James O. Davis, Global Pastors Network

If there's anything I find unappealing in the church as it seeks to remain relevant and follow the culture post-modernly into the future, it's the prevalent attitude of indifference that's sweeping through the crowd. I'm not "anti-postmodern" - there's alot of baggage that's been heaped on the church over the legalistic centuries that needs to be tossed, and deconstructing in order to get back to basics is a good thing for us as we move forward as the Bride of Christ. But there's usually too much deconstructing and not enough reconstructing. At times, what passes for "deconstruction" is actually just people getting rid of things they don't like, scriptural and godly or not. Deconstruct all you want, but don't forsake the foundation of Christ, the law and the prophets.

... which is what seems to be happening today. This country claims, in a majority-poll kind of way, to be "christian", and yet follows its own common sense and reasoning rather than the ways of God. I like Dr. Davis' word choice: we are indifferent to God, irreverent to the Creator. We BELIEVE IN HIM, but we don't BELIEVE HIM. What we've done is make God out to be just like us - wishy-washy and excuse-driven in what we do and do not tolerate in ourselves and in others. We forget that He became one of us to redeem us, not to leave us in the condition we've chosen for ourselves.

I wonder what this country would look like if we did "do it right"...? What if we believed God at His word, as much as we say we believe in Him?
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