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Wednesday, March 31, 2004
DailyGamecock.com: USC Republicans leave convention

One of my problems with politics in general is the way people lose sight of themselves when involved too deeply in the process. If the facts are correct in this story, the USC College Republicans shot themselves in the foot. Or rather, an outgoing member sought to harm the chances for election of another member, all within this same group. That's just nuts. Otherwise, I'm sure these people are fine, upstanding individuals - but here in college, they're learning how to lose integrity, votes and friends in an academically competetitive and politically charged environment.

Woo hoo. And they say today's generation is full of slackers. I say nay nay - they work hard to plow their enemies under, to hurt others with intelligence and with the same back-stabbing knife that's been handed down from one generation to the next. People have always been quick to take offense, quick to seek revenge - whatever. Back to my opening statement, though: while I might see change happening in all kinds of places and cultural fronts, politics appears to be continuing the trend of being stuck in the mud when it comes to issues of integrity, honesty and the common good.
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