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Monday, March 29, 2004
Does anyone else around here normally dread Monday mornings?

I'm not a Monday person. There are three kinds of people who deal with Monday morning (at least, three is all I could make up this morning):

1) For the person who hates his home life and hasn't been able to escape the kids/wife/chores all weekend - Monday comes as a vacation from all the hassle of the Saturday/Sunday stuff.

2) For the single person who had nothing to do over the weekend, Monday means returning to a social circle where at least your co-workers have to interact with you someway somehow.

3) For me, I'd just like a morning to sleep late. Monday's come instead :)

But I'm feeling pretty good this morning. Good enough to write about it, so that's something in itself, I guess. We had a nice active Saturday followed by a reasonably restful Sunday - and today, I don't mind being back at work. I was telling someone here that I've got enough to keep me busy and hopefully allow the day to go by fast. That way I won't think about it being a lo-o-ong, drawn out Monday, you know? I know that a few pastors take Mondays off, recuperating from the Sunday before. Many times, stay-at-home moms will shuttle the kids to play group, catching up on personal time before diving headlong into another week. For me, I just enjoyed the commute (listening to ESPNRadio this morning - anyone else watch DreamJob last night?), and I've got a good attitude/outlook for the rest of the day.

Of course, it's not even nine o'clock yet - all that could go to crap by 10am, you know?

Of course, I'm also dealing with the folding of the Tony Kornheiser Show. Mr. Tony is sleeping in this morning, I'm sure. But I'll be trying to catch the replacement show - The Herd with Colin Cowherd - at 11a ET. Hopefully it'll be funny and continue to make my XMRadio worth the $9.95/month investment.

UPDATE: Well, I listened to The Herd, 11am-1pm ET. Colin's ok... but he's no Mr. Tony. Not yet anyway. Might grow on me - might not. The possiblity of hearing Wayne Newton do sports talk is intriguing.
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