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Saturday, March 20, 2004
Ever been through anything like this (thanks, Scott)?

My neighbor told me a similar story a few years ago. He and his wife had their two boys at the mall. The youngest was still in a stroller, but the oldest was old enough to be curious, use the bathroom properly, etc. They went to the restroom, and the boy went first, using one of the tall urinals. When he was finished, Dad asked the son to stand right beside the sink while he went, too. A man walked in, went to the stall, and proceeded to pass gas and everything else one does "on the potty". The son asked, really loud of course, "DAD, WHAT'S THE MAN DOING IN THERE? WHAT'S THAT NOISE?" Dad was turning redder and redder as he finished up. "That's not nice, son - be quiet and we'll be done in a minute." Whil Dad washed his hands, he looked down and saw his son, squatting to get a look under the stall walls: "MISTER, WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THERE?"

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