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Monday, March 08, 2004
I heard something over the weekend that struck me: "God is responsible for the consequences of your obedience." I think it was a John Piper sermon, but I'm not sure. But it made me stop and think about that without really listening to alot of what followed, you know?

I'm in a mode of thought, probably beginning back in January with my obsession with the word "humility", that's got me thinking about what's worthwhile in my life. Not beating myself up over anything, just taking a hard look at what I do, what I say and write, how I conduct my stuff, and asking "what's all this worth in the end?" And as the Father calls us to obedience, He's responsible for the consequences of my whole-hearted following. The flipside is probably true, too - I am the one responsible for the consequences of my own disobedience. But being led by the Spirit, He's got my back. That's so cool - and challenges & encourages me to make sure I'm doing something worthwhile with my life.
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