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Thursday, March 25, 2004
I needed to make a change to the layout - minor changes, keepin' it fresh, keepin' it real. My kids will love the photo - taken at a Longhorn's (I think) in Charlotte last summer. The stuffed Teddy and Patrick were the spoils of victory at Carowinds, and the Heinz ketchup was for my fries.

We're looking at possibilities for this summer's trip. We really enjoy just going somewhere and relaxing, and having time to play, too. In the past, we've done Charlotte/Carowinds, Atlanta with Six Flags and Downtown, and Gatlinburg. Going to the beach is old hat for us - Vicki and the kids will go to the condo (where we were this past weekend) for a week with her mom, and another week they'll go to the mountains together (I'll go a few days to each). So we try to pick something different for *our* vacation.

This year's leading candidate is Charleston, SC. Enough to do to keep their interest, enough to not do so we can just hit the beach and water and such. We're probably looking at Washington, DC or back to Orlando next year, but for now, we'll stay a little closer to home. Maybe Savannah, something different like that - or even up to Wilmington, NC. We'll see...
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