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Friday, March 26, 2004
Ode To Mr. Tony

I've always been a radio guy. TV's fun, and I love movies and sports. But when I'm in my car, I want to listen to the radio. Growing up and moving around, I remember radio being something that rarely changed. One memory stands out: when my folks moved us to the house they're in still today, back in 1978 or so, I remember sitting in an empty bedroom, radio boombox in my lap, flipping the channels to look for Casey Casem's Top40 Countdown. I worked as a DJ at a local Christian station in college, mid-90s - still the best job I ever had (WQXL, 1470AM Columbia).

In college and beyond I discovered talk radio, most specifically, Rush Limbaugh talk radio. Not a "fan" as much anymore, just can't take his takes and the way his takes take place, you know? Then sports radio really blew up in this area, and I listened to alot of the local call-in shows. A few years ago, I found Tony Kornheiser when the ESPNRadio lineup was added locally.

Mr. Tony.

His show is funny, intelligent, quick-witted, and over. He's dropping the show for more golf time and less strain on his TV and newspaper schedule. I'll miss him and the gang for sure. He's one of the two or three reasons I got XM Radio, since the signal out here in the Blythewood boonies isn't all that. I enjoyed his book reviews and interviews, talk about movies and TV shows, and even Old Guy Radio. We drive everywhere on vacation, and we'll inevitably find Mr. Tony on the air and enjoy the ride that much more.

That's it. That's the list.

By the way, how do you think the Packers are going to do this year.

This post stinks. Stinks.

And as always, if you're out on your bike tonight, please wear white.
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