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Thursday, March 11, 2004
The SEC Tournament begins today, and March Madness is officially underway in the major conferences. The Gamecocks play Arkansas about 3:00est - and I've got a good feeling that they'll take care of business this time around (lost to them a few weeks ago). I think they'll have a decent time tomorrow, too (winner plays LSU, and we've beaten them already - they've got a big guy out, I think). Then it'll probably be Kentucky on Saturday - and hopefully by then we'll be a little more sure of our chances in the NCAAs.

Yahoo! Sports - NCAA Men's Basketball - WIS TV Chooses Not To Broadcast Early Games

This is the most professional and viewer-friendly station in town, and they've got absolutely no clue as to what viewers might want to see. Only diehard fans will watch reruns of Friends and ER tonight, and I think there's reruns on Oprah and Dr. Phil this afternoon, too. But if you put on the games like this (tomorrow, WOLO is running the ACC tournament, and we don't have any truly local teams in that conferenace), then people will watch. They'll watch at work, take the afternoon off to watch, tape the broadcast to watch later - it'll pay off. But someone made a decision. Probably a Clemson fan.
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