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Wednesday, March 17, 2004
Wednesday morning, my wife is going to ask me when I went to bed. I'm going to say 12:30, and she'll shake her head. She won't know that I took a picture of this, after it had taken the lid off one of our garbage cans and found something to eat:

Don't you love digital cameras? All I saw were the two bright spots until I enhanced the photo, and then you see our friendly neighborhood racoon, bane of every dog that's blamed for ripping up garbage bags around these here parts. And the reason I was up at 12:30, checking to see "who" was making such a fuss going through our garbage. How many sounds in the night have I blamed on the cat? This thing is three times the size of our cat, and he's buck-toothed - I got a fairly close look as he took his booty before climbing the tree.
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