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Friday, March 19, 2004
Well, the Gamecocks are out of the Big Dance. Dang. they played well, but Memphis just had too many shooters on the floor. Hopefully we've built some momentum though. This should be an annual experience, taking a team to the tournament after a good season. And hopefully, they can get out of the habit of folding in the first round each time (haven't won a first round game since '73).

We had a nice drive down to the coast this morning. The weather is gorgeous - 75 degrees, sunny, and way too humid for March, but the breeze off the ocean is nice right now. Passed too many golf courses to have left my clubs at home though. Maybe next time... A new mall has opened up here, so we'll check out the Coastal Grand tomorrow, as well as some of the outlet shops up the road.

Almost nap time, especially after a long drive and a loss on TV. Dang. But we're feeling good, and really looking forward to some downtime without the kids. I know folks who have never been away from their children - they don't understand us, and we don't understand them. Being able to get away, even for a little bit of time, is essential to keep the relationship going forward. We loved each other first, before there were children in the house, and we'll be together after they're gone. They'll enjoy doing things with their grandparents, and we'll enjoy sleeping late and having a whine-free zone (except when I'm beating her at Scrabble!) around the condo here at the beach. All in all, it's good to get away, and it'll be good to get back on Sunday.

People say when they move out, I'll miss my kids. That's probably true. But in some aspects, I look forward to missing them. That's what this weekend feels like - missing them, looking forward to getting back, but not just yet, ok?
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