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Tuesday, March 30, 2004
While yesterday was a slow slide into get-me-out-of-here tedium, Tuesdays are usually pretty decent. I don't know if it's because Monday's under your belt and getting up another day isn't so bad; or if it's because you're another day closer to Saturday. Whatever the reason, I usually look forward to Tuesdays because it's the only day of the work week where I don't really have anything other to do than my job at my desk. When I get home tonight, I'm home - no class, no church activities. My daughter's got tumbling class, but they just meet me at home after that's over. There's just not alot of extraneous pressure to do anything other than work on days like today.

I guess I've got this kind of thing on my mind because I really want to do a good job, to be productive at work and at home, and for that to translate to an effectiveness and meaningfulness that reflects well on Christ. As I've found myself in a rut of self-centeredness and what-not, I'm determined to do what I do for Christ, in a Col. 3:23 kinda way. Others need to see that I want to work well and serve well for the Lord and the kingdom, and that they're the intended beneficiaries of just doing a good job.

Most people want a raise, a promotion, recognition. Those things are great (read: "A raise would be nice!") - but I want to please the Father. Today's Tuesday, not Monday - so I'm already ahead of the game in that respect.
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