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Wednesday, April 28, 2004
Anyone who's been reading here for a period of time has probably noticed that I hate politics - almost as much as I'm growing to hate political talk radio. "Hate" is probably too strong a word, since I tend to listen to it way too much. But it's not love - more like a warped psychological drama I put myself through when there's no decent music coming through the other XM channels I tend to frequent.

Anyway, while out getting lunch today, I flipped between the first half hour of Rush Limbaugh and the first half hour of The O'Franken Factor. On the politically liberal show, they were continuing their attacks on the current administration's supposed lack of character. On the more conservative leaning show, he was laughing at how poorly the liberals were attacking what they see as this supposed lack of character.

One side is attacking the President. The other side is laughing at the side that's attacking the President.

What bothers me is that there appears to be no one substantively standing up *for* the President. I know that these are just two shows of many, and these are only small portions of shows that I'm not going to take the opportunity to listen to in entirety. But I don't see much coming from either candidate/party in terms of vision, answering critics, laying out policy. The soundbites from the Democratic party aren't pro-Kerry; they're anti-Bush. And the sound-bites from the Republicans aren't pro-Bush, they're anti-Kerry.

Will the real candidate, the one who wants to lead, please stand up? And tell you folks to stand with you, for pete's sake.

Also, check out Jen's "political rules" - [sarcasm] I only disagree with #5 [/sarcasm]...
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