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Saturday, April 03, 2004
Found this blogpost on rectal exams through Blake's site - eeww.

Otherwise, just goofin' off, wastin' time on a lazy Saturday morning... until I've got to get up and get this crew movin'...

Here's the GMan G7:

1. When was the last time you moved?
Late summer, '93

2. Have you ever been fired? How did you deal with it?
Once - I think. I had been helping a guy with his self-serve carwash. He was a commercial pilot, and when he was gone for extended periods, I'd look after the place. It lasted on fall/winter, and then they sold the place. Had to let me go. Downsizing. I think I used my last paycheck to buy a MWS cassette.

3. What was the last April's Fools joke you did?
This week, passing along bogus headlines to the 1J13 email list.

4. What was the last thing you bought @ the bookstore?
Um... if not coffee, probably just a book...?

5. What was the last TV show you saw?
Fox & Friends Saturday, if you don't count Rugrats on for the kids right now.

6. When was your last caffeine(sp) fix?
Yesterday morning, probably. But the pot's ready and the next one is soon.

7. What is a cool catch phrase you been using with your students?
um.............. drawing a blank here.

A. How are things personally for you?
Good - tired right now, but alot to do today, so it's easier to just do it. I've got time to go upstairs, read the Word and pray and get ready, and then get the kids ready. It'll be a good day.
B. Anything we can pray for?
My sanity - getting a heart for God that overcomes the rut I've found myself in, that we all find ourselves in from time to time.
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