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Tuesday, April 06, 2004
Here's the Tuesday3 from our 1J13 email list:

(1) List three topics you feel like you can't talk about with people you know.
  • politics
  • God, the Holy Spirit, WWJD?, and problems with our doctrinal finite-ness
  • coffee - recipes, likes/dislikes, grinding beans, lattes, etc

    (2) List three things you wish folks understood about you.
  • Sense of humor - I know it's not funny all the time, but the funniest stuff usually stays in my head
  • Taste in music - can appreciate wide range of styles, but not rap or anything with a steel guitar
  • Thinking processes - stop trying to put me in a box

    (3) List three things you would tell _____ if you could.
    I would tell George W. Bush
  • Drop Cheney, go with Condy Rice
  • Don't let your father butt into phone calls with foreign dignitaries just to set up tee times
  • Be honest, faithful and true - and get out of politics with your integrity intact. Where you've lost it already, make things right and never go there again...
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