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Thursday, April 01, 2004
I got this info from the WorkInSports.com newsletter this week:I don't think today's college athletes should be paid salaries like professionals, but at the same time I think they as individuals need to have some sort of fund that can pay out equally to students in need. This fund could be fed by the TV contracts for the NCAAs and the BCS - and it would be large enough to fund every athlete in the NCAA, at least with a minimum stipend of sorts that's bigger than the pittance they're now able to receive. I think you'd see that underhanded money deals would leave the recruiting picture, and there might also be a possibility of young talent staying in school - perhaps able to take out insurance against future athletic potential.

Just thinking, after seeing how much $$$ is changing hands and how little of it is actually going to the folks putting on The Show.
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