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Wednesday, April 07, 2004
I like the way these two posts from my inbox and from my blog surfing position together to tell us that we want way too much for ourselves in this relationship with God. Do I demand too much of God? Is my heart the salesman's temple table, trading sacrifices for whatever profit I can muster? Somehow, these two pieces are speaking to me.

I've been through these waters before. Everywhere I look, I find myself alone, and God is difficult to find. It's more about where I am than where He is, or where anyone else around me is. It's more about what's going on inside than what's occurring outside. And inside, where I desire God's affirmation - am I finding that I lack faith? Am I opening up to the possibility that God is disgusted by my filthy-rag-righteousness, and can only accept what's in me that's been placed there by His hand?

I have nothing with which to barter. None of us have anything comparable to what has already been given freely. It's an Easter meditation on my own consumer mentality. Forget Christmas: there's a spiritual capitalism that's gained too much ground around us...

Nothing in Return - Meister Eckhart====
*from Brett @ the journey, 04/05/2004
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