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Thursday, April 08, 2004
I should just relax, get away from political mumbo-jumbo, and watch a little golf.

I've gotten way too "political" over the past couple of weeks. Way too judgmental and critical and skeptical and cynical when it comes to matters of politics and elections and commissions and pointing fingers and telling lies. Can you tell this stuff is getting to me?

What's bothering me most right now is that I can't trust my own judgments and opinions any more than I trust those of the talking heads on TV and radio. Who's to say that I'm not also listening with a bias, with an internal spin control that's already made its mind up... And on top of that, would that be a bad thing? If it's the Holy Spirit, if my spirit is growing into the likeness of Christ, shouldn't I have some internal thing going on that helps me process the information coming in, disgard what needs to be tossed aside?

I guess I'm in the midst of an experiment, and if anything, the only ground I've gained is that I was right before I started. In diving once again into the political discussion arena, I'm finding it refreshing that I'd basically left it for the right reasons. Those reasons are still there: fruitlessness. Everyone can't be right, and pointing the bigger finger doesn't make anyone more right. Instead, community and relationship built on real integrity and courage - those are the only things worth standing on and fighting for.

Might delete the political stuff on the left sidebar; might not.
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