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Saturday, April 03, 2004
I should probably throw out a post as a disclaimer and an explanation. I've made two design changes that stand out. The less controversial one first: On the right hand side where I list blogs, I've separated out some of the newer links I've added in the last few weeks. I don't keep a "blogroll" necessarily - I just link to sites that I've found interesting and that I want to cehck out again in the future. There's no link-back necessity from them - I just like to read decent writing. Lots of different opinions over there, so have fun surfing through the different stories and journeys.

The second change is the addition of a "politics" category on the left hand side. There are alot of very different, very antagonistic sites listed. Sue me. I want to be able to click through and read what "both" sides are saying - that's all. You can't nail me down by the links, except to say that I'm fairly conservative, and that I tend to think outside the box.
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