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Thursday, April 08, 2004
I will be blogging under oath. At least for today. Maybe. As I see fit.

In response to all the hooey and hoopla and hype, I'd like to step up to say that what you read here is as truthful as possible. Our crack staff of fact-checkers are hard at work, day-in and day-out, gathering the very latest spin facts together to make a coherent story.

Actually, I'm reading about Integrity and Character in McManus' UPRISING. I'd say a real understanding of these ideals that we say we hold high... a real understanding and putting them to practice would benefit this country more than we dare to imagine. While people are jockeying for political gain and position, we discover what's really in their hearts. Absolute power doesn't corrupt absolutely; it reveals who we really are (pp 76-81).

I'm curious about how this morning's questioning and answering will play out later today on the talk radio programs and the evening newscasts. And I'm looking forward to listening in from work - and then seeing what soundbites are selected later and how they'll be spun. In the world today, the truth gets very little room, while opinion and diatribe take up a majority of airtime and bandwidth. That's sad.

UPDATE 11:37am:
Listening to the questions and rhetoric, I am more sickened by the way we treat people who disagree with us...

It's easy to fling mud backwards. It's easy to point fingers. It's not easy to move on, to forgive, to learn from mistakes. Who is to blame? The 19 men who walked onto the planes and died in the fireballs. Who missed it? We did. Can it happen again? I hope not. But why are we shooting ourselves in the foot by seeking to demonize people who are just trying to do the best job they can, the best way they know how, given the best information available? The search for blame, done in this manner, looks like a hunt for evil and intentional misinformation, and while there might be some of that... aarrgghh. It is no excuse for what's going on - on either side of this great philosophical divide.

UPDATE 11:57pm:
I will say this: as I went out for lunch and flipped back and forth between AirAmerica and Rush and Fox and CNN, I am glad that they now all have actual statements for use/abuse, and not just hearsay. What was actually said is now a matter of public record. How they spin it, conservatives and liberals, it will have to pass the test of public scrutiny. I just hope we're smart enough to scrutinize, you know?
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