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Monday, April 12, 2004
It's been a day. Once again, I'm up after midnight - meaning that it's now tomorrow. Or something like that. It was a good Easter Sunday, Resurrection Sunday. I really felt something sure, strong and true about the day's proceedings. Sunday morning's Bible Study time went well, and the sermon & worship were really spot on. Even as I dwelt on Christ's death, it's the Life that's been given to us in Him that makes the real difference in this world.

We take so much for granted, and yet we don't take enough of what Jesus really gives: courage, life, love, forgiveness. We look at these things and umpteen other high-sounding ideals and we don't think they're really ours in this life. They are lofty things we strive for, not characteristics we feel are ours to possess. And we wonder why we continue to fall so short of His glory in our day-to-day living. We move towards a destiny that is without power, living lives in fear without fully knowing that He has conquered all, and that we are called to now live out that victory on this planet.

Just a few jumbled thoughts on a very full Sunday in April. Oh yeah, went to see Hellboy. It stunk. Not as bad as LXG, but not all that.
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