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Thursday, April 22, 2004
Oh what a beautiful morning... Oh what a beautiful day...

I usually like to get up by 6a - that doesn't mean that I actually do it often, but when I'm awake by 6a the whole day seems less rushed. This morning, I rolled out of bed at 6:34a. It wasn't too bad - I got dressed, fixed lunches for later and breakfast for now, even emptied and re-loaded the dishwasher before having to barrel everyone out the door. We made good time to the kids' school, and they were super this morning - no fussing and whining, my perfect morning.

But then traffic was a bear. I normally have about 25 minutes from the point to work, but it felt longer this morning. There was an accident on I-20E, just past the point where we're all trying to merge from I-26W. It was in the right lane, so the merge lane was a parking lot, and the traffic wasn't moving at all for about a mile. After that, though, clear sailing.

When I walked in, I heard over the cube-farm wall, "Rick? I'll let you settle down and catch your breath first." There was a note on my desk - a customer production problem, right off the bat. Woo hoo. Looks like there's a network problem over there, and part of it goes beyond my level of expertise. So I'm waiting on someone else to help resolve the problem. Woo hoo. All that, and I've had no coffee yet. Woo hoo.

Got coffee - finally. And got headache - regrettably.

Happy Earth Day. Woo hoo.
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