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Friday, April 02, 2004
Once again, it's Friday, and time for the F5... and since there isn't one this week, I'll make up five questions of my own:

1) what would you do the first day after being elected president?
2) what would you do the first day after losing the election for president?
3) as president, which country would you try to build diplomatic ties with?
4) as vice president, on which late night talk show would you like to be a guest?
5) as the first lady, what would you add to the white house decor?

Hmmm... anyone else want to play? I'll post my "answers" later. Feel free to post your answers on your blog with a linkback in the comments, or just leave your responses in the comments. Woo hoo.

UPDATE 10:46am : Here are my responses -
1) I'd probably spend time calling all my friends and cousins, making sure "The Oval Office-White House" shows up on their caller id.
2) I'd be on the phone if I lose, too - making crank calls to the WhiteHouse press room.
3) Minnesota
4) Letterman
5) Remove the Martha Stewart Collection linens, replace with the Bath & Body Works Summer Collection in the Lincoln Bathroom
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