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Friday, April 16, 2004
Pondering Friday with a pseudo-FridayFive

Well, it's Friday - finally. It's been a long week, but by the time Friday rolls around, everyone's usually saying that. I think it's because we've got a natural & instinctive condition that needs to be addressed about every six to seven days - it's called LAZINESS. I know I suffer from it, and you probably do, too. I'm not like those people who don't need sleep... what do they call them? ... oh, yeah - SUCCESSFUL. Instead, I'm like just about everyone else who needs the time on the weekend to unwind, sleep late, take afternoon naps, and walk around barefoot.

Meanwhile, has anyone seen any good movies or DVDs lately? I saw HELLBOY last week, and it wasn't all that. There's not much in the theaters I want to see right now after that. The last DVD I watched with the kids was BROTHER BEAR. Get that one - the audio commentary with the moose, voiced by Bob & Doug MacKenzie, is worth the cost of the rental. I also saw DUPLEX on DVD - wasn't all that.

So, since there's no updated Friday5 yet, I'll throw out one for today, movie- and DVD-based. Woo hoo. Feel free to leave your answers or a link back to your site in the comments.

1) what's the last movie you saw in a theater, and how was it?
2) what's the best movie you've seen in a theater this year?
3) what movie are you most looking forward to for the summer blockbuster season?
4) what was the last DVD you watched?
5) would you recommend buying it, renting it or skipping it - and why?

Thanks for playing. Have a nice day.

[borrowed the laziness/successful joke from xmradio-laughusa channel 151, but don't remember the comic - just givin' props]
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