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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

    Crossposted this link at Javabeans. This article points to something that is so true - we're all up in arms against the homosexual marriage issue, but we've taken a nap on the heterosexual divorce issue.

  • CNN.com - Elton John: 'Idol' vote is 'racist' - Apr 27, 2004

    This is almost as inane as the political speak elsewhere. I'll say it one more time: there is no evidence that the votes are rigged or racially motivated, other than trying to state that the Fox viewership might be skewed white. Here's how I see the breakdown - the guys have their popularity followings, and the women are fighting for the next votes. All of Hawaii is voting one way, and all of Georgia is voting another way. After that, they probably split evenly.

    I haven't been impressed with Hudson - sue me. But if she's as talented as everyone thinks, she will not "slip through the cracks", as Seacrest is trying to warn. I'll make this prediction right now - unless they just do something spectacularly brilliant, La Toya and Fantasia will be in the bottom three again. But they'll be there with John, who'll get voted off this week. That's just me.

  • CNN.com - College president 'disappointed' by Cheney - Apr 27, 2004

    Aarrgghh. Things like this make aggravate me. In the tenth grade, my English teacher would've called me "a pus head", because "aggravate" means to make a bad thing worse, and if I'm getting aggravated then I must already be pretty bad. That's just it - the more I pay attention to the back-and-forth attack rhetoric, the dirtier and "pus"-ier I feel.
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