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Monday, April 05, 2004
[Typed this up yesterday, enjoying a pleasant and challenging Sunday morning]

I'm actually blogging from the church sanctuary. Sort of. I'm not connected, so this entry will have to be uploaded later. For now, we're at church with special guest Trevor Thomas, and he's a hoot. Using drama, humor, comedy and poetic sarcasm - that's my take on it, anyway - he's really good at poking fun at us without us knowing it.

That's one of the trademarks of a good storyteller. The best parables were ones where the audience learned something without learning that they've been the butt of the joke. It's happening here - as we clap, many of us are getting smacked in the behinds as well.

For all of it's marks and blemishes, the church is still the church. The Bride of Christ is still being cleansed, being prepared, being challenged to be ready for the coming Bridegroom. I know there are problems. I know that we've become bedfellows with strange entities - politically, culturally, socially. But the work is still going on; the cleansing is still flowing through the room, removing the junk and refining like fire.

And with all of my own doubts, opinions and problems with the attitudes of people - I'm glad today to be in the house of the Lord, with the people of God, worshiping Him. Amen?
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