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Tuesday, April 13, 2004
We finally got the much-needed rain around here. It's clearing now, but still quite moist outside. Hopefully, the pollen is being washed to the ocean as we speak/type. Hopefully, my sinuses won't be harassed by this stuff for much longer.

Had a good time with my friend James last night. He lives on the west coast now, and it's not often that we get to kick back with some coffee and just shoot the breeze. Caught up on things, rambled about the good ol' days, all that. It was the third night in a row where I didn't get to bed before midnight, though. I think I'll go to bed before 6pm tonight. Maybe.

Working from home today, since the pest control guy was coming to spray our house and yard. So I'm blogging from the kitchen, eating a fish sandwich, and watching the proceedings on TV from the 9/11 Commission. I hope they find whatever they're looking for, whatever can be done to move us forward as a safer nation. At the same time however, I wish that people could learn that there's room for forgiveness and justice to co-exist, and that the former is greater than the latter.

Back to work. Fish sandwich was nasty.
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