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Friday, April 02, 2004
What is truth?

Pilate asked that of the Lord, and I'm asking it now. I'm really, really glad that Jesus is the Truth - because I can't be trusted to figure it out for myself.

I'm listening to AirAmerica, the new liberal-only radio network that debuted this week - not because I'm turning liberal; not because I'm voting democrat this election year; not because I enjoy listening to people lambast the President and the current Administration. I'm listening to see what they say, how they say it. And you know what? They sound just like Rush, Hannity and the rest - with the extreme difference being that they are 180-degrees opposed philosophically on most social, economic and political issues.

The problem isn't that we disagree. It seems that the root problem is that we think we're right and the other side is definitely wrong, and being so wrong makes them evil, with evil motives and evil desires. Both sides have this as a tenet in the natural make up of their foundational beliefs. Neither can hear that both sides sound exactly the same in tone, and neither can see that both sides might be as right as they are wrong. There is good and bad on both sides, all sides. And yet there's no room for real discussion and change because of the core belief that the other side is not only wrong, they're evil liars all the time in every situation. Until proven otherwise, don't trust the other side...

This is why I hate voting. There is no way to determine who's right, who's wrong, who's motivated by altruism and not greed or stupidity. You can't believe everyone, and you can't believe anyone. Overcoming the I-am-so-right-that-the-other-side-looks-stupid mentality is too difficult a task for the sound-bite oriented campaigns we find all around us.

Truth is absolute by definition, and it's way too relative in practice. That's why we trust Christ. He is Truth, and He reveals Himself as Truth when we seek after Him. Only when we seek after Him - not talk radio, no matter who's pumping the "facts".
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