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Monday, May 31, 2004
Cheney, Halliburton deal
CNN.com - Cheney office denies role in Halliburton deal - May 30, 2004

Things like this bother me. I don't fault someone for trying to earn a living, and using current positions to bolster past or future prospects are probably more in the American capitalistic culture than we realize, illegal or not. It just smells funny. In this world where perception is reality, why even come close to projecting a possible conflict of interest? If decisions are being made with regards to personal financial success, over the best interests of the country, or without regard for taxpayers - that's wrong, isn't it? And if it is, then making deals that look bogus like this is at least a bad idea.

In other news today, it's Memorial Day. What makes this country something worth lifting up among the world's nations is that men & women have laid their lives down for our freedoms and way of life. Our mostly volunteer militia is the best fighting force in the world, and they are preserving American values for generations to come. I appreciate the work done, the lives given, the deaths in defense of freedom. I think we're doing the right thing now, and have been more or less on the right path for the course of our country's history (Vietnam was a blip on the screen, because the conflict wasn't engaged fully, and the public did not buy into the sacrifice needed).

I pray for our Commander-In-Chief - that he will make wise decisions based on the moral compass of the Holy Spirit instead of leaving the perception of personal gain and this hanging air of conflict of interest. The means do not justify the ends, and I pray that we will do the right thing before attempting the popular thing or the expedient thing. I pray for a quick exit - whatever that might mean - of US troops from Iraq, and that our leaving will be done in a way that teaches freedom to the people of the Middle East. If we have to send more troops in order to leave sooner, so be it. Let's help them govern themselves, and then get out of their way to let them do it.
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