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Tuesday, May 04, 2004
CNN.com - Methodists protest ban on ordaining gays - May 4, 2004

'Jesus always included the outcasts' - subtitle quote

The problem is that ordaining anyone with a lifestyle that's contrary to scripture goes against the leadership modelled by Jesus and underlined by Paul. It's not that a homosexual person can't be saved - but in salvation, there is a newness where forgiveness and repentance come together. There is healing and deliverance, and there is a real change to one's lifestyle. It might not happen outwardly all at once, but the old lifestyle is gone and a new one is installed to be lived out in the kingdom. Sure, Jesus included the outcasts, but He didn't make any of them PASTORS until they'd gone through some pretty radical trials and growth processes... not to mention the filling of the Holy Spirit.
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