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Tuesday, May 11, 2004
CNNmoney - McDonald's adult Happy Meal arrives - The Go Active! package for grown-ups includes salad, water and even exercise tips

I tried the "adult happy meal" at McDonalds. Not bad - needs a toy, but comes with a pedometer so you can eat your fast food salad and feel like you're exercising walking from the car back into the office (248 steps, btw).

Then there's this review of the documentary SUPERSIZE. Wow. I've got it saved in my Netflix queue - I don't think it'll be playing Columbia, SC any time real soon. But I want to see it. I'm not the poster child for diet fulfillment, and I probably do fast food four/five times per week, mostly for lunch. I can't do burgers every day, trying to find a good chicken sandwich or even a salad. But this week I'm trying to be better (but left my lunch at home again today). I'm trying to imagine a week at home without junkfood in the house, where our kids actually eat vegetables and meat and the same things the adults eat. I'm tired of Nickelodeon and fruit snacks. This world isn't made of corn dogs and PBJ - and as good as that might be for awhile, it's time to eat right and enjoy it at the same time.

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