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Friday, May 14, 2004
Life is good. Living it isn't always. One week tends to bleed into another, and if you're lucky there's no real blood being shed. At the same time, maybe a little sweat and blood shed on behalf of others isn't such a bad thing. I think the times I feel most down and despaired, it's been when I've been mostly focused on myself. When I feel most productive and most appreciated and most ... maybe not appreciated, but at least a part of what's going on that's important - that's when I'm more focused during the week on being helpful for others, meeting their needs, being a servant on some level that's making a difference in the world. There's no magical end to depression here, but on some level, focusing on others really gets us closer to being focused on God. And that is the only place where life is good, and living it isn't so bad.
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