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Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Living Without God
Hmmm... "before God and with God, we live without God." I'm pretty open to ambivalence and contradiction, but I'm having difficulty getting my brain around that one. How do we live with God as though He were not there?

Over the weekend, an article and a conversation have teamed to shed some light on this for me. It has to do with the will - the intentionality with which we do what we do. If we are doing "just enough" to get by, or doing what's expected in playing the religion game, then we are basing our motivation around ourselves. It's a selfish existence that lives by doing "just enough". It says, "here's what I'm doing, and that's all I'm doing, because I don't see myself needing to do more than XYZ to gain what I want - which is mostly just peace for myself." We live life as "christians" in a way that might be showing we don't really believe God is there, or at least that He's not the same as revealed in scripture.

So where does that leave this bold statement from Bonhoeffer? This is just where I'm going with it right now: I need to live life the kingdom-life, whether or not I "feel" His presence. If He's there or not, I'm to be about His work. There are times of silence, times of dryness, desert experiences of cleansing where everything is removed, including what I thought were strong convictions and foundational views. All that's left is God - now, can I live life so that even if He's not there, I still point to Him? ... something like that. Maybe it's like when I was a teenager. Our parents would leave to go wherever, expecting my brother and I to not kill each other, to keep the house from burning down, to clean our rooms and the kitchen and stuff - even if they're not there, act and behave and obey as if they were.

Then again, there's Coupland's LIFE AFTER GOD. Great book, one of the first ones that got me thinking and re-thinking my thoughts on life, the universe and everything.
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