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Thursday, May 06, 2004
Man, that's good coffee.

I'm feeling better this morning - not "much" better, but not as achy and croopy as I have the past week. And I'm back at work after taking the day off yesterday to go to the doctor and to sleep alot, so I better be well-rested. I did get my cup of coffee this morning, and I'm about to finish up the Starbucks Brazil Ipanema Bourbon from home and replace it with the S&D stuff here at the office. Not bad, but not as good, so I'll have to cream it up a bit.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. We've got a golf tournament at Hillcrest, maybe some swimming Saturday afternoon, and then Mommy's Day on Sunday. I've got an idea for the kids' gifts, but shhhhhh - don't tell. I also hope to have some time to watch HANGMAN'S CURSE with Vicki some time over the weekend - movie night with your sweetie is a real plus for any weekend. Probably Friday night in the living room home theater, while the kids are blissfully upstairs watching the Nickelodeon special, JIMMY/TIMMY POWER HOUR. Whatever.

Since I'm catching up on life here, the next topic is probably TV. I just talked with a co-worker about problems with her thirteen-yr-old daughter wanting to watch THE O.C. I can see why she'd have a problem with that. It's so hard and still so important to teach our kids how to make good decisions. I'm not there yet, but we're having to do the same things with our kids, making sure the 6-yr-old and 8-yr-old aren't watching things that inappropriate, and like I said, making sure they're learning how to make these decisions for themselves. Not just "you can't watch that", but "that's not worth watching and here's why - do you see that?"

Let's see - sick, coffee, Mother's Day, movies, TV... that leaves books: I'm going to finish UPRISING this week if it kills me, and I want to get back into THE LIFE OF PI. I just picked up THE LOVELY BONES (Peter Jackson's going to direct the movie according to rumor, and I want to be ready for that) - but I'm going to push it over until I finish one of those first two.

That's it - life, with a good nearly-finished cup of coffee.
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