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Friday, May 28, 2004
Posting Via Email
I'm still figuring out what some of the fun things Blogger has unleashed on the populace for blog construction. One of the things I've looked forward to is the ability to email a post and have it published to my site. This is the first such post - and it should look seamless to the individual surfing through. For me, I spend alot of time sending and answering email - both work- and non-work-related - so being able to post from email is less obtrusive than my w.bloggar module or going on the web to post from there. I've got quite a few email conversations, and including the blog in those conversations somehow just makes sense.

Right now - lunch. Anyone else getting a kick out of this?

UPDATE: Had to edit the link above, since the message got word-wrapped and messed up the layout. That's two things that I don't think I like - the comments and the email-entries. Argh.
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