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Monday, May 03, 2004
Productivity is a wonderful thing. At least, that's what I hear. When the network and email come back up, I might be able to get some good things done. I've got a deadline at the end of next week that I don't think will be a problem, but for now it's kinda hanging in the balance of server limbo. Also, I was able to talk my mother-in-law through the procedures to stop internet activity on the home PC, which I'll have to explain to my son later on this afternoon when he can't google the cheats for his gameboy game. Then I'll have to talk my dad through stuff on his PC at home, I'm sure - and maybe others. The plan now is to leave work around 3pm and head to church - skipped lunch in case something breaks here at work, but so far no dice - to check all those PCs for problems. Class tonight, and probably working late tomorrow evening.

Yeah, being proactive on a Monday. Yep, taking care of business.

No, not really.
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