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Monday, May 17, 2004
Re-defining Marriage
CNN.com - Same-sex couples ready to make history in Massachusetts - This is the first day of same-gender marriage in Massachusetts, and people are either way against it or way for it, or are in the apathetic majority that doesn't care enough to stand either way. It's wrong - wrong that couple of the same sex can have their unions ratified by the state, but also that there's no real backlash yet. It's wrong that the sanctity of marriage amendments that are being batted around congressional chambers do not do enough to protect marriage from divorce, from abuse, and from the homosexual agenda. In all three of those instances, the stance against marriage is selfish and prideful - and we condone it in the name of freedom of choice and freedom of privacy.

But it's not all about me, is it? Why do I have to fight for my rights, for my voice to be heard, for my stuff? Instead, why can't I be given tools to give myself to and for others? I'm wondering where the selflessness has gone. I'm wondering if statistics will show that divorce grows, that spousal abuse grows, that teen pregnancy and abortion and therapy grow as we continue to be blatantly selfish people.
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